ISWAN Seminar 2018-11-23

25.11.2018 klo 21:15
Improving the wellbeing of seafarers

Hosted by ISWAN and the Finnish Seamen’s Service, the Seminar took place at Helsinki University.
About 100 delegates and speakers came from a number of different countries and from different sectors of the maritime industry.
Thanks to everybody involved and to sponsors: Viking Line, Bore, Alandia Marine, Finnish Shipowners´ Association, Finnish Seamen´s Mission, Finnish Seafarers´ Union, Port Welfare Partnership

Tom Holmer, Per Gullestrup, Roger Harris, Sampsa Sihvola and Päivi Seppälä organized the event with a help of many other people

Supporting women in the maritime industry was an interesting topic, and raised debate. Cecilia Österman and Sanna Sonninen shared their experiences and Abdul Aziz Abdullah explained how women have made progress in seafaring in a Muslim majority country.​


Still going strong: Mr. Roald Alyakrinsky, aged 86, told about seafarers´ welfare in Russia​

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