Mental Health - Workshop, last day of registration: 29.9.2020

15.09.2020 hrs 10:24
Welcome to a workshop where we will learn about and discuss mental health.


Application deadline: 29.9.2020


This workshop physical or streamed is suitable for seafarers, shipping companies, HR-personnel and others, who are interested in mental health and well-being on board. After the workshop you should have knowledge and practical tools to use when discussing mental health and preventing mental health issues on board.

09.30 Coffee and sandwiches

10.00-10.45 Workshop starts: Introduction to mental health 
10.50-11.35 Social relations

11.35-12.15 Lunch

12.15-12.45 Emotional wellbeing
12.50-13.35 Physical health
13.40-14.25 Food and nutrition

14.25-14.40 Coffee and sandwiches

14.40-15.25 Rest and sleep
15.30-16.15 Support structures

Read more and register to the physical workshop or to the live-streamed workshop here. 


Together with Alandia, the Finnish Seamen's Mission and the Finnish Seamen’s Pension Fund.

If you join the physical workshop at Clarion Hotel, you will be divided into discussion groups beforehand

If you join the live-streamed workshop, you will be divided into different Teams groups beforehand. We will switch between the live-stream and discussions in these groups during the lectures.

Welcome to the workshop!


Martina Peltonen


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