Sweden was successful in the Nordic photo contest for seafarers

04.02.2022 klo 14:03
136 seafarers from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland took part in the competition with 760 pictures. Like last year, the jury worked remotely, this time in Finland.


  1. Richard Jensen, Sweden
  2. Jörgen Språng, Sweden
  3. Johan Nilheimer, Sweden
  4. Luka Jonasson, Sweden
  5. Denny Flögstad, Norway

Honorable mentions:

Aleksandrs Surigins, Finland
Henrik Wiklund, Sweden
Jörgen Språng, Sweden
Sanna Elo, Finland
Thomas Olsen, Norway
Suvi Keto, Finland

The winners in Finnish Competition: 1. Kim Pichler (M/S Finlandia), 2. Jan Wickström (M/S Odda Marie), 3. Sanna Elo (I/B Otso)

Congratulations to all winners and many thanks to all participants!

See the winning pictures here

The jury members:

Hanna Weselius, photographer and writer, University lecturer of photography in Aalto university.
Tiina Mertanen, Director of Museum Service, Maritime Museum Vellamo

Many thanks to our sponsors:

 Dansk Søfart. Sjøfartsdirektoratet, Norge.
Sjöfartstidningen, Sverige.Loðnuvinnslan hf., Faskrudsfirdi, Island
Finnlines, Finland.