Cruise Crew Lounge Anchor reopened after a pandemic break.

15.06.2022 klo 07:48
Operated by The Finnish Seamen's Service and the Finnish Seamen’s Mission

The Anchor Lounge started operations in June and will be open until the beginning of September every time there is a cruise ship at Hernesaari quay. Like before, data cards, noodles, snacks, local candies & chocolate and small souvenirs are available at the canteen. The staff will help organize guided tours, transports, basketball and football. Transport services and exercise facilities are also provided to crew members whose vessels are moored at other quays.

 The club is open from 10 in the morning until 4 pm. On special occasions, the opening hours can be extended until 9 pm. Netta Varga and Francisco Chamorro Ayala of the Finnish Seamen's Service and Mona Valtonen, Yonatan Gurmu and Moatasem Aidaros of the Finnish Seamen’s Mission are responsible for the operations of the Anchor Lounge. The club also employs volunteers coordinated by The Finnish Seamen´s Mission.

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